Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes!

One word: YUM!
I seriously ate about 6 of these minis before I had even frosted them with a vanilla buttercream! Generally, I don't even like chocolate cake. These were good. Really good! I made them for a dinner party that I am going to tonight to welcome a friend into her new home; she is cooking us a meal and I will provide the treats, because I love treats. And I find that my cooking savvy is lessening (from the already poor state that it was in) because of my love for treats. I would be one happy gal if I could eat sweet treats for dinner. That being said, I do need to get my greens from something. Maybe chocolate zucchini cake? Mmmmmm...

These cupcakes were so easy to make though, they were actually easier than making a regular vanilla butter cupcake. That may be due to the fact that my treat loving sis in law passed on a great tip that she read about somewhere. If you have to sift your flour and hate sifting (as I do), just pop it into a large ziploc bag and have a good shake. This works really well if you like to dance, or are trying to entertain a toddler - which at the time I was attempting to do. She found it pretty funny, and it got the job done, which is all I could have asked for!


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  2. YUMMY! Your frosting is so pure white! Stands out great against the chocolately cake.
    I`m glad I`m going to the same dinner party as you :).