Friday, October 22, 2010

I must apologize...

for this hiatus that lasted a few days longer than I thought it would! It has been a crazy busy week, with a brand new baby born in our lovely family and so, I am using him as my excuse... because, yes, he is THAT cute.

That being said, I just posted on CupcakeCraze's facebook page that the most exciting thing I had concocted in the kitchen this week was bottle after bottle after bottle for my lovely little girl. But I have been reminded by my lovely aunt that I DID actually make something this week. YAY! SO simple. Lemon tarts. I would tell you all about them, but the pastry was bought from the store, already in the tart cup, and lemon meringue that came from a box. Nothing exciting. Please don't be dissapointed. I think my homemade caramel should still buy me some time! Next week I should be back at it!

And in light of the fact that Christmas is coming very quickly... it is already November after next weekend! So I have created a list of baking to dos in November, so that I am not baking up a storm in December! The idea is one batch per week to freeze and pull out during the wonderful Christmas season! (I bought my first Christmas gift today, too!)

Week 1: Shortbread - White chocolate and cranberry and Mint Chocolate YUM!
Week 2: Gingerbread (I LOVE LOVE LOVE gingerbread... nothing like curling up by the fire, with the tree lights twinkling and reading a good book with a gingerbread cookie that has been dipped into a hot cup of tea!)
Week 3: Chocolate fudge topped with crushed candy cane
Week 4: Glazed sugar cookies in Christmas festivity figures!

As usual, I will chronicle all my baking adventures in November, when the time comes! Until then, I will figure out what I want to try next week!

Also, I have no idea if anyone reads this blog, besides of course, my lovely sister in law, but if you do read and you do enjoy, could you comment on this post, so that I know that I am not writing for just me? I would be forever greatful! And if there is something that you would like to see me try, before you do, I am ALWAYS open to recipes and suggestions!


  1. I read you! I like you!
    You should try Baked Alaska... or creme brule. Both are items I've always wanted to make (but feared the disastrous digestive issues that would ensue).

  2. I read you too!!!

    Your Christmas baking sounds amazing, but it did make me feel a little guilty that I have not even thought of Christmas yet. You are an amazing mom, baker and blogger!


  3. I read!!!!!! And so does Levi who is grateful for your yummy treats which he has now had via bellie and boobie... in a few more months he'll have to try them the normal way!!!!


  4. to add to your list: I just tried red velvet shortbread cookies with white chocolate glaze. was a-mazing! The red is festive too! (oh, and they freeze super well)