Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My 1st Cupcake Demo...

So this has been a few weeks in the making, and makes for an interesting story. This morning I taught 18 ladies how to decorate cupcakes and they all did fabulously! Funny thing, I found it so hard to explain how to actually frost a cupcake that I kind of just said, "have atter..." after showing them once! They all did pretty well considering my actual lack of "teaching" skills!

A few weeks ago I was asked to do this demo for our churche's moms group. Easy peasy, I thought! Not so... This past week I made the cupcakes and froze them because I did NOT want to be making 150 cupcakes on Thanksgiving Monday! Can you even imagine? No thank you! So I made them and the first two batches did not turn out! (If I learned one thing from today it's that for demo's I should stick to a store bought mix... no one will know the difference anyway!). Anywho, they pulled away from their wrappers and shrank and did all sorts of strange stuff that brought a tear to my eye. (Not in a good way!) Anyways, after my child tried to dive into the hot oven several times during the baking process I finally lost it and declared my rage on Facebook. Which I never do. Well, rarely do. You know it's bad when... !

Anywho, after several trips to Michaels, and a jaunt accross the bridge to Langley with my poor one year old in tow (I treated her to a cupcake at Frosting's Cupcakery http://frostingcupcakery.ca/ to make up for it!) I was finally done purchasing all our supplies! NOT SO! On Thanksgiving I had to run out and buy a few more tips because I had counted wrong and had completely forgotten to buy stuff to actually decorate the cupcakes with after frosting them. Oy vey!

BUT, all that being said, and after almost killing "Mike" (my sister in laws lovely Kitchenaid mixer) today with all the frosting that he had to whip, I think it worked out. People seemed to appreciate the little tips of advice for decorating both their cakes and cupcakes, or else they were just being really, really nice, after a horrible teaching job from me! I also realized that when I got home I had done totally wrong proportions for the icing and put in WAY too much butter! (Ooops!) It was a great learning experience for me, and should I do it again (after forgetting about the stress that this brought upon me!) I know what I would do differently - and that in itself makes it all worth it! Next on my agenda: Yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting from Annie's Eats! http://annies-eats.com/2010/10/12/yellow-butter-cake-with-chocolate-frosting/

Oooh and my CupcakeCraze business cards come soon! WOOWOO! Check us out on Facebook under CupcakeCraze!

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