Saturday, October 2, 2010

Easiest Cinnmon Rolls... EVER!

In my last post I was attempting this new recipe that claimed to be the easiest and fastest cinnamon rolls ever. They also claimed to be very tasty. Usually those two don't go hand in hand. And honestly, I didn't know what to think with the cottage cheese and NO yeast. Yes, you heard me right! I admit - they did not dissapoint! Even my hubby, who is pretty picky about cinnamon rolls, ate them. All of them. Except two. Which I managed to scarf down before he got to them! So I am posting the recipe so that everyone else can share in this little known secret.

The recipe is found at

I changed a few things - one being that I don't own a food processor, but I could tell that you might need to process it a bit because of the cottage cheese. Clumps of cottage cheese aren't exactly a delicacy. So I threw all the wet ingredients into my magic bullet, and then dumped it into the kitchenaid mixer and added the dry. It worked pretty well - just make sure you don't blend the flour mixture for very long. I also made a brown sugar syrup for the bottom of the pan because I wanted more of a sticky roll - just don't make the mistake I did by not properly combining the brown sugar and melted butter on the stove beforehand - my sugar and butter totally seperated and it was pretty much a heart attack waiting to happen. (This generally won't happen if you simmer the butter and sugar on the stove, at quite a low temperature for a few minutes or so, and stir VERY often, if not continuoulsy). Mmmmmmm... so tasty! Hope you enjoy!

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