Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where have I been? And what have I been doing while being there?

I really can't say where this last week and half has gone - I think it may be even longer since I blogged about any recent foodie like subject. So where have I been exactly? At home. I think. Running errands. Chasing my adorable child around. Getting hugs and wet kisses from aformentioned child. Cooking. Baking. But really, I don't know what I have been doing latley. So, I will try to list my culinary belt notches of late.

Giada De Laurentiis (who is an italian cooking goddess if you ask me) Linguine with Turkey Meatballs and Quick Sauce. This was seriously good. I think I might even make some right now, at 8:41PM as my eyes struggle to maintain an upright position. That sounds weird.

Hmmm... what else? Tonight I made Whipped Shortbread. I will share that recipe soon - I just don't want to get up and dig around for it right now. The plan was to make a HUGE batch to freeze for Christmas. I ended up using most of my butter last night for Mac N Cheese Gnocchi night, so I had only 3/4 of a cup left. I scaled my recipe, ate too much of the dough, as did my dear husband, and ended up with 23 cookies. And they are super small. And really cute. My plan is to drizzle them with melted mint chocolate. Tomorrow. Maybe. If I don't eat them all first. They actually just melt in your mouth - these would be the perfect food if you had no teeth. That being said, they are also the perfect food for when you DO have teeth, so whether you don't or you do, you will enjoy these cookies!

I enjoyed some Halloween Bark that my sister in law whipped up from Annie's Eats. So DELISH! I guess it doesn't really count because I didn't make it myself, but I do consider eating the entire amount she gave to us an actual notch in my culinary belt.

Oh yes, and how could I forget! I also stumbled upon a Chocolate Cupcake recipe from Georgetown Cupcake (also known as DC Cupcakes on TLC). They were amazing! Moist and... well, really moist. I made them on Sunday and they are still scrumptious. Due to the nature of my business, I unfortunatley am not at the emotional place where I can share above mentioned recipe... but maybe down the road :)

I will, however, post the pasta recipe and the shortbread for all who wish to partake. I might even put the link for Annie's Halloween Bark, if I get around to it!

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